Aquadoodle - Travel Doodle with Bonus Pen and Cap


Create fun filled no mess doodles on the go. Travel Doodle is a soft, portable drawing toy that leaves no trace behind. It never makes a mess and it never runs out. Just add water and draw in red or blue. It's the multicolored, no mess toy that you can bring anywhere you go. Take a creative road trip with Travel Doodle. Now with a BONUS Pen and CAP The Travel Doodle is a parent's road trip winner. No more stains, messes, or shocking surprises anywhere in your vehicle or on your children's car seats and clothes. Children will love the creative freedom they've got to be able to draw and color in their car seats, and they don't have to worry about what they're doing. And even sweeter is the BONUS PEN with a cap that comes included so that you've got a spare right off the bat. After your first Aquadoodle pen disappears under a seat or below a floor board, you'll be glad you had this. And because of the cap, you won't ever find a pen dried out and unusable. Once your child gets used to having this in the car, they'll always be asking for it you'll be enjoying peace and quiet on the road. And as long as you've got a bottle of water handy, you'll be their hero!

  • Includes: 1 Travel n Doodle, 1 Aquadoodle Pen, and BONUS PEN with Cap
  • Mess Free Doodling
  • Just Add Water
  • Soft and Portable Drawing Toy
  • Multiple Drawing Colors: Red & Blue