SetBack The Buildable Board Game


Shuffle the cards. Build the board. Deal each player a hand. Put your tokens on START and get ready – you’ve never played a game quite like this one. The goal of SetBack is simple: be the first player to cross the FINISH line. To get there, you follow the cards. Each turn you’ll play a Board Action (the mandatory action of the card your token sits on), a Hand Action (one or more available options from the cards in your hand), and a Draw Action (replenish your hand from the draw pile). Some cards are straightforward; they tell you exactly what to do. But most cards require a choice. Do you use the card to help yourself? Or burn your opponents? Wait – is there a way to do both? Of such is SetBack strategy born. SetBack is a game created and published by folks who love playing tabletop games. We smashed together the portability of a card game with the playability of a board game to give it a fast-paced style where strategy shifts on the fly and the whole game can turn on the play of each card. Using the same cards to build the board AND your hand simplifies mastery of basic game mechanics and still gives you millions (yes, millions, we did the math!) of possible board configurations. Replay value is off the charts.

  • This 100% Kickstarter funded game is a certified boredom buster! It’s quick to learn, and is great for children and adults. You build the board from the cards and try to get your token from start to finish. But WATCH OUT! There’s always someone (2 to 6 players) trying to SET YOU BACK! Game Play Is Simple (Just 3 Steps)
  • 1) BOARD ACTION: Do what the card your token is on says to do (Move + 1, Move - 1, Draw, Foe -1, etc)
  • 2) HAND ACTION: Play at least one card from your hand (Free cards can be played at any time during this action).
  • 3) DRAW ACTION: Draw back up to a minimum of 3 card in your hand (if you have more than 3 you still get another card).
  • Merriam-Webster defines Setback as an "automatic scheduled adjustment to a lower temperature setting of a thermostat." While this has nothing to do with our game, we thought you'd like to know.